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A solution that enables real-time monitoring and prevention of suspicious behavior including:

disputes with clients

Help in resolving with clients

fraud (skimming)

Help in protecting ATMs from fraud


Reduction of the risk of vandalism on ATMs

black list

Prevention of using bank cards that have been blacklisted

Main facts

  • 20 years of excellence

  • 70000 protected ATMs

  • 78 covered countries

  • 60 sales partners

Why ATMeye.iQ ?

  • Extended on-line and off-line functionality.

  • Multivendor hardware support (Diebol Nixdorf, NCR etc.)

  • Cost-friendly + No hidden "Enhancement" costs.

  • Professional support and maintenance provided.

  • Fully functional Mobile ATMeye.iQ application.

  • Official video surveillance solution in Diebold Nixdorf portfolio.

  • Multiple national and international awards.

Functions and Advantages

A solution that includes all the necessary functions for the security of self-service devices

Photo and Video

The system records all events on self-service devices and allows to follow them in real time. A flexible search mechanism helps to quickly find any event in the photo and video archive.

Sensors Alerts and Notifications

In case of a suspicious action, a notification is sent instantly to the security officer in charge.

Remote System Management

Optional functionality of remote control and availability checking without the need to physically come to the SDD.

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